• 10 Islands to visit on your next vacations

    August 19th, 2013 Posted in Travelling

    Visiting an island would mean spending quiet nights, going for lazy strolls, seeing sunsets and meeting the locals. There are quite a few islands in the world that are still off beaten and can be considered as a secret spot that offer great surprises. Here are the 10 islands that should be part of your itinerary:

    Island of Tobago

    If you want eco-friendly vacations, the island of Tobago is a great place to search your soul in pristine environments.  You can want walk around protected rain forests or snorkel and see the diverse marine life.Castara Bay - TobagoCastara Bay – Tobago

    Phu Quoc Island

    Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam gives a new meaning to the word pristine. The largest island of country is mountainous and filled with plantations. There are miles and miles of untouched beaches and fishing villages to explore.Phu Quoc IslandPhu Quoc Island

    Mnemba Island

    The quiet Mnemba Island in Tanzania is where you can hear the sound of silence.  The high price tag that accompanies that place is justified by its elegance, privacy and world class service.Mnemba IslandMnemba Island

    Guernsey – Channel Islands

    Guernsey is found in the Channel Islands are well kept by the British crown. This place is literally torn from the pages of well-known novels. The place is particularly for those who love to hike will love the cliffs and path above the sea area.Guernsey CoastlineGuernsey Coastline

    Molokai Island

    Have the taste of old Hawaii when you visit the Molokai Island. You will surely love the winds and trade winds offered by the island. If you love to go camping then you will appreciate the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Don’t forget to hire a tourist guide that will tell you the rich story of the place.Molokai IslandMolokai Island

    Roatan – Honduras Bay Islands

    Roatan is the largest among the Honduras Bay Islands. It is necessary to go snorkeling as you can find a colorful marine life. There are also a couple of wreck sites to explore. If this is your first time to go diving, lessons there are cheap. As an advice, go now while the place is still cheap and quiet.Roatan HondurasRoatan Honduras

    Hvar beach island

    Want to see celebrities? The Hvar beach island in Croatia has long been favorites among superstars. Names like Bill Gates and Stephen Spielberg have graced the place. The green island is very secluded and private.Hvar beachHvar beach

    Fraser Island

    The Fraser Island is a Mecca for backpackers who want to roam around the eastern part of Australia. You can rent a 4 x 4 to drive around the mainland. The island is listed as a world heritage site because of the rainforest trees, dunes and ocean beaches.Fraser IslandFraser Island

    St. Pierre and Miquelon

    The tiny St. Pierre and Miquelon is the remaining part of colonial France. It is best to go during the summer so you can catch the Basque Festival or the Seafood festival. You would also love the local museums and craft stores.Sunrise Saint Pierre et MiquelonSunrise Saint Pierre et Miquelon


    Until 2001, Kefalonia in Greece was still not known to the traveling community. However film makers have chosen the location for the movies and the unspoiled scenery and the romantic views became popular. You can rent a villa on top of  thecliffs or explore the winding roads.KefaloniaKefaloniaBy Elsi HPhoto 1:Curepian , Photo 2: reneseifert , Photo 3:  Eric Lafforgue, Photo 4: There and back again, Photo 5:D Breezy – now on Google + too Photo 6:cwgoodroe, Photo 7: fafali., Photo 8:NomadsHostels, Photo 9: Fabrice Cambray, Photo 10: Marjolynndownload as a pdf file Printable Version

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