• 3 Best Places to See Australian Art and Culture

    August 19th, 2013 Posted in Travelling

    Australia is home to some of the most diverse examples of art and culture in the world. From ancient Indigenous rock paintings to modern art galleries showcasing contemporary artists from around the globe, art and culture have become an integral part of the national identity. Here are 3 of the best places to see Australian art and culture at its finest.

    Brisbane, Queensland

    Nestled near the banks of the Brisbane River is cultural and artistic hotspot that presents a veritable feast for the senses. Next to the multitude of cafes, restaurants, tea houses and bars that dot the picturesque location of South Bank, you will find the real heart of Brisbane’s cultural scene. The Queensland Conservatorium of Music is full of talented rising musical stars, with regular performances and recitals being held on the premises. A short stroll further up will take you to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, the home of countless international theatre, dance and musical performances which draw attendees from all over the state. From world-class opera to contemporary dance and comedy, QPAC has something for every taste.Brisbane, QueenslandBrisbane, QueenslandOnly a little further along and you will find yourself immersed in the contemporary and stunningly designed Gallery of Modern Art. For a more classical approach, simply cross over to the Queensland Art Gallery and spend the day exploring their immaculately curated collection. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, another short walk will lead you to the Museum, where you can spend time delving into the history of Australia and how society has evolved over the years.

    Uluru, Northern Territory

    Uluru is one of Australia’s most famous natural formations, and the giant red rock has become an icon of the Australian wilderness. Uluru has deep spiritual significance to the Indigenous people, and as such is a place which requires respect when you are visiting. The best way to explore Uluru is to book a tour with one of the knowledgeable local guides who will give you a unique inside glimpse on the importance of this magnificent landmark to Indigenous history and culture.Uluru - Northern TerritoryUluru – Northern TerritoryThe rock paintings here are both ancient and modern, with the Anangu people still adding to the caves with new stories of their tribe, painted alongside those which have been there since the beginning. Getting to Uluru may seem like a challenge, but it is all made delightfully simple with one of Flight Centre’s Northern Territory packages. Once you have arrived, it’s time to lose yourself in the magic and mystic nature of Uluru. It’s an experience of a lifetime, one which will both haunt and intrigue you for many years to come.

    Melbourne, Victoria

    If you want to experience the heart of contemporary arts and culture in Australia, you simply must visit Melbourne. With countless galleries, theatres and music venues to be found within the city limits, you could spend weeks exploring and still not have seen everything that this vibrant city has to offer. A true appreciation for all kinds of arts and culture is deeply embedded in the psyche of the people who live here, and it has become a veritable melting pot of musicians, actors, dancers, artists and those who appreciate their work. From the finest in classical music to the latest contemporary dance act, Melbourne is the place to be if you want to see Australia’s cultural and artistic diversity at its finest.Melbourne, Maribyrnong River, Victoria, AustraliaMelbourne, Maribyrnong River, Victoria, AustraliaThese are some of the best places that you can go to truly experience the artistic and cultural heart of this amazing nation. Internationally recognised and appreciated, Australia’s unique collection of art and culture continue to attract travellers from around the world as well as around the street. Both tourists and locals alike can share in the enriching experience that these great destinations have to offer, and see why Australian art and culture is such an integral aspect of modern life.Photos:Leafypages , Darren Stones Visual Communications , Anthony Grognuzdownload as a pdf file Printable Version

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